Sweet and Sour Kiwi Soup

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Don’t know what to do with your overripe kiwis? This recipe makes for a light and delicious dessert soup. If you can get hold of yellow/golden kiwis, they are really good in this soup.

Serves 2

2 kiwis, scoop out the flesh
Zest from ½ lime
Juice from ½ – 1 lime
Dash of salt

1. Run all ingredients in food processor
2. For a creamier taste, add a bit of coconut milk – about 50 ml – optional.
3. Chill
4. Serve with dehydrated strawberry slices, finely diced strawberry pieces and grated coconut.

For more of a crunch, you can also add a toasted mix of chopped almonds, sunflower seeds and coconut. Combine the three in a dry pan and toast with some salt. Let cool.

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Spiced Dried Fruit

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Chili and lime, can’t do without them. Dried fruit is a wonderful, healthy snack. The intense flavor that develops while drying is delicious. Sometimes, though, I find that the sweetness of the fruit gets a bit overpowering but some added spices balances this out nicely.

If you have a food dehydrator, use it! If not, use your oven at its lowest setting, about 45 C.

Chili flakes
Lime zest


1. Slice the banana thinly and sprinkle the slices with lime zest and salt. Place them on the drying rack. Do not let any two pieces touch.
2. Rub the kiwis with a towel to remove some of the hair. Then slice the kiwis thinly and place on the drying rack.
3. Slice the apple. Sprinkle with chili flakes and place on rack.
4. Dry for 10-12 hours at 45 C.