Tips for making agar spaghetti noodles


Tips for making the noodles:

161214-making-fruit-spaghetti-3654Make the syrup according to the recipe. Add some syrup into the syringe, fit the tube (long tubes are the best) on the syringe and push to fill the tube.



Place the filled tube in ice cold water a few minutes to chill and set.161214-making-fruit-spaghetti-3663

Take an empty syringe, fill with air, attach the chilled tube and slowly push the noodle out of the tube.

This step takes a bit of practice… If the gel is too soft it won’t hold its shape and you need to reheat the liquid with a bit more agar. If it is too hard when it comes out, then you must dilute the solution with some more juice. Thanks to the agar, the solution may be reheated many times over.161214-making-fruit-spaghetti-3667

To empty the tube is the difficult part. It will be quite hard to get the gel to exit the tube at first, but then, with all the pressure, it may come out too quickly and thus break. If you have a lot of problems exiting the noodle from the tube, you can prepare your tube (before inserting any fruit/berry mix) by putting a few drops of oil in your syringe, insert syringe into the tube and let the oil flow through. Fill the syringe with air and push through the tube in order to remove excess oil.

Another possibility to improve texture is to refrigerate the spaghetti overnight, then reheat by immersing them in warm water. This will add some stability and elasticity to the noodles.

There are many fun dessert ideas with these noodles, why not decorate a yummy cake? Or just make a berry salad with a nice marinade and noodles?


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